Behind The Scenes of Our First Photo Shoot

For our first blogpost we wanted to share some behind the scenes action of the photo shoot and commercial we did for the launch of Avery Rose Lingerie. It was so much fun to see the many months of hard work realized on screen and in person! We shot on location in Miami and were blessed with beautiful weather and a dream team.

We managed to do a lot over the course of a weekend and it couldn't have happened without the hard work, dedication and creativity of all involved. A huge thanks to our amazingly talented and beautiful Sandra Kubicka for her endless hours on set and phenomenal personality. We were so lucky to have her! (Keep an eye on her as she's going to be a superstar!) Follow her on Instagram @sandrakubicka. There is a link on the "Sandra" page.

The New York based photographer, Lisa Houlgrave, pulled off the work of ten people, while recovering from a neck operation. Nevio, our amazing make-up artist, also from New York, flew in and made the girls even more beautiful than they already were. Isabelle, finally made it to the shoot, after missing her flight from Texas and blew us all away with her work ethic and professionalism as it was her first modeling shoot! Milcho, the director, was as creative and crazy as ever and kept us thoroughly entertained throughout the days of the shoot.

Enjoy watching!